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Tickling games often have the benefits of tickling while also being great fun and a way to bond with someone. Games marked “Tickle Clothes” indicate that for this game you should have bare feet and legs and as little clothing on your torso as you are comfortable with. This doesn’t mean women have to be topless. A singlet or bikini top, or any clothing that makes it easy to tickle the upper body is fine. For other games, clothing can be more normal.

            Some of these games use dice. When the instructions mention the tickle dice, what they mean is to role a normal dice and:

1 = Underarms, 2 = sides, 3 = stomach, 4 = legs, 5 = feet and 6 = everywhere!

This dice idea was sent in by an anonymous contributor. Quite an inventive one, in our opinion. In fact, most of these games were suggested to us through email. Good on you guys.

  • Scarecrow Endurance: You have to hold something above your head while you get tickled under the arms and on your sides. Try to beat your own time or someone else’s.


  • Name Your Punishment: The ticklee is tickled in three to five places e.g. tummy, feet, sides, underarms, for an agreed amount of time (a couple of minutes on each spot at most). The ticklee must be tickled thoroughly in each spot, but they get to choose the order in which the spots are tickled. This can also be adapted so that they are tickled on three to five spots on their feet e.g. toes, heels, arches, tops. This sounds so simple, but there is an interesting psychological element to this game – imagine being the tickler, who has to decide whether to put off the most ticklish spots for as long as they can, or to get them out of the way.


  • Tickling the Blind: (Tickle clothes) The ticklee lies down on a couch or a bed (somewhere very comfortable). They are blindfolded, and this must be done carefully - they must not be able to see. They roll a Tickle Dice. The tickler doesn’t tell them what they rolled, but simply proceeds to tickle them in that spot for an amount of time agreed before the game. We recommend setting the time for a couple of minutes at most, then rolling again.


  • Hide and Tickle: (Tickle clothes) Best played inside, in private. Pretty much self explanatory in one version, the ticklee gets tickled when they are found. However, there’s an interesting twist on this game that you may want to try – the ticklee gets tickled for as long as it takes them to find the tickler, so they have to find them as quickly as possible. If this too extreme, half/quarter the time etc. If it takes half an hour, that’s a bit harsh.J


  • What On Earth Is That?: The ticklee is blindfolded. They have to guess what item is being used to tickle them. They get 2 guesses. If they can’t guess it correctly, they are tickled for, say, 15 seconds on their most ticklish spot. But if they get it right, the tickler faces the same consequence. A surprisingly wide variety of objects can be used for this game, making it quite interesting, and difficult.


  • Random Tickles: The ticklee rolls a Tickle Dice and a normal dice, and gets tickled for the number shown on the dice, multiplied by 15 seconds, (or however long you want).


  • Watching the Clock: Fair warning; this one’s pretty tough. Set up a clock in full view of the ticklee. Agree on a time (sixty to ninety seconds works well). While the ticklee is being tickled, they have to say “Tickle me!” every 5-10 seconds! If they stop saying it, then they are tickled for double the normal time, whether they say it or not. However, if the ticklee can manage to keep saying it all the way through, then they get to swap with the tickler! But to make it fair, the only thing the tickler can do is tickle. No gagging. Also, even if the ticklee is laughing too hard to say it, they are still ok if they say it immediately after they get over that extreme laughter – because imagine how hard that is!
  • Domino tickles: Open a box of dominoes and spread them out on the floor. The number of dots on one end of the dominoes tells you which part of the body is going to be tickled (you could use the same numbers as the for the tickle dice, top of page), the other number of dots tells you how many minutes it's going to be tickled for. The ticklee and the tickler take turns closing their eyes and picking one, then slowly revealing it to the other. The person who emailed me and suggested this game recommends it for when the ticklee and tickler are inexperienced at tickling each other.