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Questions answered:

Wouldn’t that be unpleasant? I don’t like being tickled!

            What you have to realise is that this is not really an ordinary tickle. This is nothing like when people come up and torture you despite your screams of protest. This is a pleasant, sometimes intense but always calming sensation that you voluntarily feel either because you like the actual feeling, or because of the positive feelings that come after it.

Why do it?

That’s a good question. It seems like a fairly bizarre idea at first glance – this is why many people don’t become involved in it when they otherwise would. But here we’ve attempted to list the advantages and yes, disadvantages to getting involved in tickling. This site does not blindly promote tickling – we have tried to give you an honest, useful guide.



  • Laughter of any sort releases endorphins, a natural hormone that reduces stress levels dramatically and in sufficient quantities will leave you feeling a natural high for at least a few hours and for some people, days.
  • If you are feeling tired, being tickled will have positive effects that will absolutely amaze you. Just try it – it even makes you less tired, and you will be amazed at the strength of the positive feeling that comes after.
  • Tickling is often fun for the tickler (the person doing the tickling) and can easily be fun for the ticklee too (the person being tickled). It revolves around touch, which is another reason we feel better after we’re tickled. Tickling can be a great (and possibly regular) bonding experience between friends, lovers, family members etc.
  • The fact that someone cares enough about us to spend time tickling us when we ask them to makes us feel loved. Ever noticed how even friends who don’t like being tickled can see it as a positive experience when you briefly tickle their sides? It’s largely because it’s an expression of affection, and the effect can be even stronger when the experience is prolonged.
  • For many people, being tickled simply feels good. In fact, most people who don’t initially like it learn to love it if they give it a try.



  • Realistically, it can be embarrassing. Asking someone to tickle you is not easy.
  • You have to be comfortable with the touching aspect or it won’t be a positive experience.
  • You need to choose your partner wisely. More on this in the “Getting Started” section.
  • For some people, it just isn’t a feeling they would ever voluntarily experience. This is a minority, because many people who give it a try end up liking it. However, for those who either can’t ever like it or can’t try it for long enough to learn to like it, this just isn’t something that could ever be a positive experience.
  • It usually involves exposing more skin than you normally would. Even if it’s just bare feet or your stomach. Some people aren’t comfortable with this in many situations. This is another reason why it’s so important to choose your partner wisely.


What do I need?


Well, nothing really. You do need to be ticklish…it won’t work terribly well if you’re not.However, even if you believe you aren’t ticklish, don’t discount the idea entirely. Remember, this isn’t really a normal tickle – it feels and is different, so you may find you actually are ticklish in this particular context, or when tickled a particular way. Really the only things you do need are an open mind (two, really) and a private, comfortable place.

The next section to check out is the "Getting Started" section.