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Giving it a try…

One common question is; “So how should I be tickled for my first time?” The first step is to ask yourself if there are any particular spots you really want tickled. If there are then that needs to be discussed with your tickler. Trying to write a guide like this is always difficult because tickling is so individual. However, the following advice is still worth a read – this wisdom is gained though experience!

It's good to have some idea of just how and where you want to be tickled. In general, you want to start off being tickled quite gently and slowly over a few minutes work up to a point where you can only just stand it. If you’re someone who likes being tickled with what we’ll call “moderate intensity”, where for example you might be laughing and rolling around, then you can just ask for that. If you’re not, or if you’re not sure, then leave more intense tickling for later, and just ask to be tickled lightly. If you decide you want more, you can always just say so! You can find details and some ideas on ways to be tickled in Chapter Three – Tickling Tips.

         Asking someone to tickle you and then trying to let them do it with minimal movement from you is difficult. So perhaps don’t expect everything to go perfectly the first time you try it. Having said that, the first time is often a lot of fun for all involved. If you aren’t sure how intense you want the tickling to be, ask your tickler to start off very gently and gradually work up to the stage where you can just barely sit/lie there and take it, or if you want to go further, ask the tickler to gently hold whichever part of your body is neessary. For example, you may want to have your feet tickled but you can’t keep them still. Just ask your tickler to hold your ankles.

        There are a lot of options as to what to be tickled with. Fingers and feathers are the obvious choices but even everyday objects like tissues can be very effective. Experiment! But remember that for your first time you may need to bring or have access to whatever it is you want if they don’t yet know they’re going to be tickling you.

       The next step is to check out the Tickling Methods section.