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Tickling Methods

This section contains ideas on ways of being tickled that feel good for the person experiencing them. You can use one or more of these ideas, or none of them, or adapt them, it doesn't matter. The important thing is that you feel good after you've been tickled!

            It's always best to be tickled on bare skin. It will make you more ticklish, which is a good thing, it allows more scope for very gentle tickling, and it just feels nicer. And you may find that having bare feet makes your tummy more ticklish.  All the ideas here, unless otherwise stated, assume the area being tickled is uncovered.

We do not generally recommend being tickled while tied up. It is an option, but less relaxing for many people.

Things you might want to try:

  •         Place a tissue flat on tummy/chest/back, wherever is most ticklish. Pinch the centre and move it around on the skin. You’ll be surprised how much it tickles, but you’ll also be surprised how nice it feels! This trick is a fantastic introduction for people who haven’t been voluntarily tickled before. It’s gentle, and just about everyone likes it. Also try scrunching up the tissue and then unscrunching it, leaving creases in it and then using it. It feels significantly different and you’ll just have to see what feels better for you.
  •          Lie on your stomach, and have your tickler start off running their fingers over your back. They then start gently tickling up and down your sides, from your waist up into your armpits. This should just be enough to make you giggle and squirm a bit. They gradually tickle you more until they are gently pressing their fingers into your sides. This is great because it also feels a lot like a massage.
  •          Lie on a bed on your stomach with your feet poking out over a side or the end. Start with your socks on, but pulled down just enough to expose your heels. Someone sits over your legs, facing your feet and starts gently tickling your heels. They gradually tickle you more, and when they think they've got you laughing as much as they can just by tickling your heels, they pull your socks down more so the sole is exposed, but the socks still cover the toes. They tickle the heels and soles until they think its time to move on, and then they pull the socks off your toes and tickle all over your bare feet. If you're wearing shorts, a skirt or pants where you can pull the legs up, they can also reach behind them and tickle behind your knees. This method has many advantages. For some reason, it will make your feet feel significantly more ticklish. Also, because the tickler is sitting on your legs, it allows you to just relax without having to concentrate on keeping still. Under the weight of a normal person, your legs will only move away if you pull/kick with quite a bit of force.
  •         Lift up/take off your shirt and lie on a bed on your back with your arms above your head. Place two pillows under your lower chest. You’ll need to move them around a bit to find the right spot for you, but you should know when you feel it – your entire torso should feel a lot more ticklish because the skin is tighter, and there’s also the psychological effect of feeling more “vulnerable”. You can achieve the same effect by lying with your shoulders over the edge of the bed, but this is less comfortable. When in this position you’ll probably find that having your ticklish spots stroked will feel better than having them prodded or squeezed, because the muscles are tight and don’t have much give in them. Also, be sure to try the tissue trick described above while in this position.
  •         This one is of course reversible. Lie on your left side with your right arm stretched up above your head. Your tickler just sits there and tickles up and down your side and under your arm if you wish, with both hands, and you just lie there and try to relax. Very simple, but very fun.
  •         Ask your tickler to tell you where they're going to tickle you next while they're tickling another spot. The anticipation makes you more ticklish.
  •         Having your feet tickled a bit while your upper body is also being tickled seems to make your upper body more ticklish. It doesn’t work for everyone, but give it a try.

The next step is to check out the "What makes a good tickler?" section.