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What makes a good tickler?

Just what is it that makes being tickled by some people more enjoyable? Believe it or not, there are specific things they do that make that difference. These are things you can tell your tickler or they might want to read it for themselves.

  • When tickling for relaxation, a good tickler should not be threatening or aggressive. They should be friendly and doing it because they want to help the person they are tickling feel better or have fun.
  • A good tickler carefully listens and watches the reactions of the ticklee, and adjusts their actions accordingly. They do not tickle as hard as they can straight away or put the ticklee in a position where they are uncomfortable.
  • A good tickler discovers the best ticklish spots on a person and uses them wisely.
  • A good tickler doesn’t mind tickling one particular spot for several minutes if that is what will achieve the aim.
  • A good tickler follows the instructions of the ticklee and every so often throws in something unexpected.
  • Ideally, a good tickler enjoys what they are doing, so they will take the time to get it right. Having said that, even if they don’t enjoy it they do their ticklee a huge favour by doing their best.
  • A good tickler asks questions to improve what they’re doing.
  • A good tickler allows breaks, but suggests that the ticklee allow a finishing burst, eventually.
  • A good tickler puts the person they are tickling at ease. People will often be nervous when they ask to be tickled, even if they have done it before.

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