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What makes a good ticklee?

A "ticklee" is the person being tickled. These are some things you can do to make yourself easier and more enjoyable to tickle.  Remember, the more enjoyable you make the experience for the tickler, the more likely they are to want to do it again!


  • Don’t put the tickler in a situation they are not comfortable with. This can include things such as wearing or not wearing types of clothes, or asking to be tickled in some areas.
  • Give clear instructions on how and where you want to be tickled. This can be intimidating but often people won't have any idea what you want them to do.
  • And then, be prepared for a good tickler to throw in something you don’t expect.
  • Relax as much as you can and try not to struggle too much. Don’t try to suppress your laughter! Laughing naturally effectively takes away some of the desire to struggle or pull away.
  • Do not do anything like, for example, kicking the tickler in the face while they’re tickling your feet! At least not if you ever want them to do it again!
  • Tell your tickler where your most ticklish spots are – a scary idea. But it helps them do their job and doesn’t mean that they’ll tickle you mercilessly.
  • If your tickler decides to tickle you in one particular spot for a long time, at least try it.
  • Rather than stopping completely, take breaks until you feel you’ve had enough.
  • Try to make it enjoyable for the tickler. For example, you may find there’s a particular spot they enjoy tickling you. Allow them the opportunity to have their fun too! If necessary, make an arrangement; the tickler gets to tickle you in the way and places they enjoy, and then you get tickled in the way and places you enjoy for the same amount of time. This has been suggested by several people who have contacted this site, and it has been successful for them.

Now you've finished dealing with the more basic information. Be sure to check out other parts of the site that interest you. There are sections on foot tickling, games, and introducing someone to tickling.