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Over several years I’ve received a lot of questions, and also seen a lot of debate, about how to make feet more ticklish! Feet are quite possibly the place that more people enjoy being tickled than any other – in fact it seems that even people who don’t enjoy being tickled anywhere else do enjoy having their feet tickled. So let’s look at some ways that we can increase the sensation:

Firstly, the key to feet being more ticklish is to have them as soft as possible. This means having feet that are moisturised and exfoliated, just like any part of the body you want to keep soft. One method that I’ve seen a lot of people recommend for feet, is that after exfoliating, removing excess layers of skin that inhibit sensation, you rub moisturiser generously over the feet, and then place socks on which you wear overnight. The socks prevent the moisturiser from rubbing off onto everything, and allow it all to stay on your feet. Wearing them overnight allows plenty of time for the moisturiser to soak in.

I’ve also heard of people rubbing the moisturiser on, then placing their feet in plastic bags with a little extra moisturiser on them, and wearing the plastic bags on their feet overnight. They said this worked very well and their feet were very soft when they woke up. It just depends whether that is convenient for you – I’m sure over time just doing it with socks would have the same effect.

But when it comes time to actually tickle those feet, there are things you can do there and then to make them extra ticklish! Firstly, have the ticklee pull their toes back. This makes the sole more ticklish due to the tighter skin, and allows access to underneath the toes – often a wonderfully ticklish spot! If the ticklee finds that they can’t maintain that position while being tickled, the tickler can hold their toes back while tickling with the other hand!

Secondly, for women at least, wearing nylon stockings is commonly known to make feet more ticklish, due to the way fingertips or other tools can glide across the surface.

Next, it’s generally accepted that warm feet are more sensitive than cold feet – which makes sense, because there would be better circulation when warm. So use a hot water bottle, or a fire, or blanket, whatever, to warm up feet before tickling them. Don’t start tickling and then try to warm them up, as they’ll be desensitised by being touched, but without it tickling. Some people also say that changing the temperature up and down of the feet can make them more ticklish – like using a fireplace, then ice, then fireplace, ice etc. Experiment and see what works best for you.

Also, try anything that effectively lubricates the soles of the feet – moisturiser, massage oil and baby oil are all favourites. It lets tickling tools glide rapidly over the skin, and is very effective.

Finally, experiment with different tools. Anything long, firm and pointy, eg long fingernails, is extremely ticklish on feet! Combine them with moisturiser or oil for extra ticklishness!

All ideas on this page are things that people have tried and then written in to tell me about. As always, if you have any ideas or questions, email ticklingtips@yahoo.com