Tickling Tips

What's it all about?

Being tickled can, under certain circumstances, be a pleasurable and relaxing experience. Laughter, even laughter from tickling, releases endorphins that reduce stress levels and generally make us feel better. If you're interested but not entirely sure, look around the site, especially the Getting Started section, and see what you think then. If you've already tried this sort of thing, you might find something new here, or you might like to contribute. Have fun!

The first page you should check out, especially if you're ne
w, is the "Questions Answered" section.

I would love to know what you think about the site so if you have any feedback, or you would like some advice, email me at ticklingtips@yahoo.com.

How can we make feet more ticklish?

I've finally got around to adding a section of the site just for advice on how to make feet more ticklish! Thanks to ideas sent in by you! Check it out on the sidebar. Send any further ideas to ticklingtips@yahoo.com